Dog Grooming in Port St. Lucie

Dog grooming will not only leave your dog looking better, it will also result in them feeling better too. At Jensen Beach Salty Dog LLC we strive to provide the best dog grooming service that Port St. Lucie has to offer. Given our loyal customer base, we like to think that we are doing something right. If you feel that your dog’s appearance has seen better days, or whether you simply want to remove some excessive hair in time for summer, our skilled grooming experts can definitely be of assistance.

All-Inclusive Grooming Service

At Jensen Beach Salty Dog LLC we are firm believers in providing value for money. We cannot guarantee to have the cheapest dog grooming service in Port St. Lucie, but we can promise that ours is the best. Not only that, it is also the grooming service that will provide you with the most bang for your buck. Our competitive rates do not come at the expense of the quality service we provide. And with our team in charge of things, you can rest assured knowing that all your dog’s grooming needs will be catered to.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • A thorough brushing and combing of your dog’s hair.
  • Cutting, filling and shaping of their nails.
  • Cleaning and, if needed, plucking of ears.
  • A thorough bathing with organic and non-allergenic shampoo.
  • A full draining and cleaning of the anal glands.
  • A conditioned bath that leave their hair soft and revitalized.
  • An all-inclusive rinsing with medicated shampoo.
  • A pampering fluff dry.
  • A shave and styling cut, if needed.
  • A lightly fragrant coated conditioner.

Benefits of a Professional Dog Grooming Service

Regular grooming sessions for your dog are not just a guaranteed way of keeping him or her looking their best, but is also a way of ensuring that they feel their best too. Much like humans, a dog’s inner and emotional stability is very much tied to their external appearance. Five of the main benefits of a regular grooming service for your dog include:

  1. Maintaining coat and skin health.
  2. Your dog will look and smell great.
  3. Detecting any issues with your dog’s eyes, ears or skin.
  4. A healthy and shiny coat will shed less, meaning less tidying up for you and your family.
  5. Having their nails trimmed regularly is not only esthetically pleasing for your dog but will also ensure that they maintain good posture for longer.

Call the Grooming Team You Can Rely on Today

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your dog’s grooming needs. Instead, contact the expert team you can rely on today. We cater to every aspect of the dog grooming process and do so with a sense of professionalism and efficiency that is unrivalled in Port St. Lucie. Call today to learn more about our service and to get more information on our competitive prices. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.